Local TV and Electronics is you exclusive provider of  NCOOL wireless Internet service., North Central Ohio’s newest wireless service, has established high-elevation wireless transmitters throughout our area and your home or business may be in a direct line-of-sight from one of them.

You and your family can now touch the world in a blink of the eye, play online games without lag, and download images, videos, and large files at lightening speed from home. Your business can now save money, or make more money, through faster processing time and increased efficiency.

  • No more dial up.
  • No more satellite.
  • No more weather problems.

Plus, your cost can start as low as $40.00 per month. 

Your wireless Internet service is professionally installed and supported by trusted experts right here in your own backyard. And, there is no contract. You may drop the service at any time.

You’re now no longer rural when it comes to high speed Internet access.

Learn more about NCOOL. Contact us with any questions – or order your wireless service today!