Having computer problems?

We'll fix it here under our roof, even if you bought it someplace else.

How about a tune up for your computer? Your data will not be lost - guaranteed!

Give us a call or come see us. You'll be surprised what we can do with computers in-house!

High-Definition TVs are our speciality!

Why drive all over when the name brand TVs you want are right here in your own backyard?

Our Extended Warranty program will cover any TV repairs for up to five years. And, if it does need repaired...we'll fix it right here. No sending your TV off to some far distance land.

Rural wireless Internet available

Wireless Internet may be available for you and your family if you live in a rural area.

NCOOL has established high-elevation wireless transmitters throughout our are and your home or business may be in a direct line-of-site from one of them.

Call us and we'll verify your coverage.